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The experts at GECHTER will find your ideal solution. Our strength lies in problem-solving — from standard equipment to individual technical solutions, and including design services.

You're in the business of assembling components and need to determine the optimal connection type.
Gluing, soldering, welding or screwing are out of the question for safety or cost reasons.
We have the technology, the experience and the solution.


We can build entire automation lines based on sophisticated and type-tested safety and control technology. Thanks to our ISO-compliant documentation as well as the GECHTER safety and control programs with precise force-path monitoring, you can manufacture even the most sensitive components without errors.

Our analysis will tell you whether the GECHTER

  • Crimping presses

  • Rack and pinion presses

  • Manual toggle presses

  • Hand-lever presses with air assistance

  • Linear pneumatic presses

  • Pneumatic toggle presses

  • Hydropneumatic gantry presses

  • Presses with light curtains

  • Electro-pneumatic rotary indexing tables/sliding tables

are the right solution for your business, and whether you need special machines, technical devices and specialist tools.

Tell us what you need!

  • Flaring
  • Press inserting
  • Forming
  • Calibrating
  • Marking
  • Mounting
  • Riveting
  • Cutting
  • Punching
  • Crimping

We’ll provide the ideal solution for production of your parts.